Clay Siegall Looks to the Future of Lymphoma Therapies

Speaking in an interview while representing Seattle Genetics, President and CEO Clay Siegall gave a little insight into what he feels is the future of both his company, and lymphoma treatment in general. In particular, President Siegall spoke about the role of the FDA in the future of his company, as their regulations have a direct impact on the progress his researchers can make.

In addition to speaking about the FDA, President Siegall also talked about his companies plans moving forward. As it currently stands, Presdient Siegall and Seattle Genetics are pursuing several different projects that all relate to various forms of lymphoma. In addition to its primary submissions to the FDA, President Siegall is also excited by several stage 3 clinical trials that are currently underway within the company.


Given the importance of these trials for both the future of Seattle Genetics and lymphoma treatment options as a whole, it will be interesting to see how these trials conclude and what their ramifications will be. For his part, President Siegall has been adamant in collecting as much data as possible on these trials, so that they can then be published for others to take a look at sometime in the future. In President Siegall’s mind, transparency is of critical importance to the success of Seattle Genetics.

In addition to a pronounced focus on transparency, Seattle Genetics has also proven to be interested in working with others. President Siegall pointed to recent efforts in researching immunogenic cell death as proof of their collaborative efforts.

What the future holds in store for President Siegall and Seattle Genetics is still unclear, but it remains hopeful. As the pharmaceutical company expands its knowledge-base and researching capabilities, it is sure to continue growing in prominence within the pharmaceutical industry.

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