Having that First Hand Encounter with Honey Birdette

Do you love fashion and glamour? Honey Birdette is your one-stop shop for all the above. Located in Australia, the company has the latest trends in fashion as regards to lingerie. Largely, Honey Birdette as a renowned brand has found its way into the bedrooms of many Australians since the accessories from the company are hardly irresistible to women. Since 2006, Honey Birdette has provided a platform where clients get access to the various categories of items available on the company’s internet site, making the shopping experience much desirable and fulfilling. For the ten years that the corporation has been operational, it has helped carry on the vision of its founder, Eloise Monaghan.


The success by Honey Birdette has gotten felt both far and wide. With the brand being the first of its kind in the region, it has broken even in an area full of financial uncertainties. Currently speaking, the company has opened new branches in countries like America and the United Kingdom. For years, Honey Birdette has thrived on using the latest technology to make more sales, and its actions have fortunately paid off in a big way. Since 2006, the sensuality boutique has been on an upward spiral, making sales of more than 374% in the past one year in its Australian branches alone. Another factor that has made Honey Birdette successful by virtue is its physical stores that help tap deep into the retail markets.


In only ten years, the sensuality boutique has opened up 55 physical stores in Australia and three stores in the United Kingdom. So far, the brand is prospecting on opening up more retail stores in America including 40 more stalls in the United Kingdom. Thanks to Eloise Monaghan, the bedroom atmosphere is now much more pleasant and entertaining than it was in the previous century.

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