John Mayer is Back and Better than Before

There are some people that are going to embrace just about anything that is available from John Mayer. There are some early fans, however, that are going to be partial to what John was doing in the early stage of his career. This is why people are interested in what he is doing with the upcoming album. So far Mayer has already given fans access to 4 tracks from the upcoming album. The reviews have been positive because it seems like John Mayer, after so many years, is finally getting back to where he was before.


There have been a lot of people that have been waiting for John Mayer to return to the place where he was at one time in his career. He had a plethora of different albums that showed that he was moving into other areas. At one time he tried to dabble in things like country music, but that would prove to just be a phase in his career.


The thing that people need to know with this album is that it will be released in installments. There are some bluesy tracks out there, but there are also some piano ballads that are available in the first wave of music that has been released. There are some people that are pleased with listening to these new tracks that are not available on the MTV website. People that know John Mayer are not going to be disappointed with songs like “Love on the Weekend.” This is classic Mayer, but it is still a risk.


In a music world that is plagued with hip hop and electronic music, it will be difficult for someone like Mayer to really gain a good following. He built a career in an era that made a jazzy pop singer like Norah Jones a superstar. In this day and time it is people like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé that are the chart toppers. This is what will make it hard for people to check what John Mayer is doing. This may be the reason that he has started to release the album in installments. Mayer may just have his mind on trying to figure out what the sales will be like for his latest project this music.

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