Kendrick Lamar Becomes the Unexpected Crossover Artist

Kendrick Lamar is coming back very strong with a new album. This is the album that has become the hottest album of the year, and fans are hyped about this new sound.

In order to really appreciate this new album one has to look at the evolution of Kendrick Lamar. He is a hip hop artist from Compton that released a gritty debut album that would reflect his life in the projects of California. This album gained a lot of attention that would take him outside of the hip hop community. There were fans like Taylor Swift that would gravitate towards to Kendrick Lamar sound.

By the time that he decided to release a second album there was talk of a sophomore jinx and this talk would propel Kendrick to work even harder. He released a critically acclaimed second album that would get even more attention from Taylor Swift and her fans.

For the return of Kendrick Lamar and 2017 there would be a move back to the gritty hardcore sound of the debut album. This would be a shift that was unexpected after Kendrick had gained so many mainstream followers. He is an artist that unintentionally became a crossover artist just because of the connections that he gained in the industry with Taylor Swift and Adam Levine.

He has appeared on tracks for both of these artists, and that gives him a voice on pop radio. That is why it is easy for fans outside of hip hop community to still embrace what he has to say. That is the obvious reason that he has become so successful with the new album in such a short amount of time. He is comparable to Drake in the sense that he is able to gain airplay on pop radio without a lot of promotion. He doesn’t have to woo this crowd in any type of way in order to get their attention.

It is evident that Kendrick has this type of crossover appeal because his tour dates are unlike anything else that one was see in hip hop. The same man that is planning to have a concert in Oakland for hip-hop crowd is planning to see a hip hop audience in Denver during the summer

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