Matthew Autterson and Who He Is

Matthew Autterson was, at one point in his career, the President at one of the country’s biggest state chartered financial institutions. Before this, Matthew Autterson attended the Michigan State University where here went ahead to graduate with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance in the year 1980. Autterson also went on and joined the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.



Mr. Matthew Autterson kicked off his career at one of Fiserv’s subsidiary companies known as First Trust Corporation. After a short stint at First Trust Corporation, he left the company in the year 1982. Upon his exit from the company, Matthew Autterson went ahead to join a, somewhat, small crew that was intended to be the one to hold a charter for a new Colorado State Chartered Trust Company. The company was intended to be the subsidiary of the Integrated Resources Incorporated, which is a financial services company that was based in New York. Matthew Autterson went on with his success streak to become the President of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Resources Trust Corporation and all the assets that were under Integrated Resources Incorporated eventually ended up being owned by Broad Incorporated in 1986. After this acquisition of Integrated Resources Inc., Broad Inc, then turned into the SunAmerica Incorporated. A couple of years down the line, AIG came into the picture and acquired SunAmerica at a price of 18 billion dollars in the year 1998.



Fiserv, in May of 2001, then made a move and acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG. By this point in time, Resources Trust Company had grown to be recognized as the greatest state chartered FDIC insured depository trust companies within the country. Resources Trust Company availed to over 200,000 of their clients with custodial as well as depository services. This, in turn, caused the company to get a count of over 15,000 registered financial advisors. The company now holds more than one billion dollars in deposits, 700 employees and also custodial assets of over 20 billion dollars.


Aside from all this, he also in the Falci Adaptive Biosystems’s Board of Directors member. Matthew Autterson is quite philanthropic, and this has helped him gain his status as the leader of the business community of Colorado. Falci Adaptive Biosystems represents his interests. Thanks to his numerous years in roles of leadership at institutions such as Denver Hospice Board of Directors (as Chairman), Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, and also the Webb-Waring Foundation. Matthew was also a member of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. At the moment, he is the President, CEO and Board Member at CNS Bioscience Incorporated, founded by Scott Falci in 2013. The company is a development company of clinical-stage drugs which has its sites aimed at the neuropathic pain.


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