Miley Cyrus: How “Inspired” Is She Towards Change?

According to MTV, Miley Cyrus’s newest and most recognized single, Malibu, has certainly become a change in direction compared to her 2013 album, Bangerz. However, the single that really highlights the change in direction is her newest single “Inspired”. All proceeds when buying the track will be donated to the Happy Hippie Foundation, which this month will bring awareness and pride to the LGBT community for Pride Month. This organization also provides support for the youth homeless and advocates for women’s rights among other things.


I must say, not only does this single prove that Cyrus is heading towards a different and possibly more successful direction, but to know that the words aren’t just about a boy who she loves is also just as comforting. She explains that in a world filled with so much sadness and that feeling of hopelessness, there needs to be that “door to change” and frankly, she’s right. With the strings as well as the acoustic guitar backing up the gentle and yet bold lyrics, it brings out not only the old country feeling that we once invoked from Cyrus, but it shows that not every song that speaks about change needs to include loud instruments to bring out the same kind of effect.


She recently performed the single at Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester” concert, and since then, it had certainly brought to my attention that she is doing this for more than the sake of fame and publicity. She is more than willing to go the extra mile and perform passionately to bring awareness to global issues that in some way, shape, or form, hit close to home. Who knows if this is only going to be temporary? However, if nothing else, it does go to show that Miley is finding her musical identity and she’s evolving not only to get our positive attention, but she does it to expand upon her own musical capabilities.



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