Miley Cyrus Recorded A Fun New Country-Rock Song

Never one to stay in place for very long, Miley Cyrus is developing a new musical style that is likely to receive a lot of attention. Miley just released a song called “Inspired.” The new song continues Miley’s legacy for innovation. Miley’s new country style represents a kind of homecoming for this young artist, who is the daughter of country legend Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley debuted this song at the One Love Manchester benefit concert, which was a benefit for the victims of the Manchester terror attacks. This followup to “Malibu” represents a continuation of Miley’s newfound bent for mixing traditional and contemporary sounds. After her glittering, psychedelic “Dead Petz” album, Miley’s new musical direction is remarkably straightforward and direct.


This is partly caused by the fact that Miley is apparently no longer working with the Flaming Lips in the studio. Although some people did not like Miley’s work with the Flaming Lips, I think this veteran alternative rock band served as an excellent foil for Miley’s naive yet touching sentimentality. Miley’s last album spent a lot of time dwelling on the fate of Miley’s pets, several of whom have died in the past couple of years. I feel that Miley Cyrus has demonstrated excellent musical taste over the course of the last few years. Although her comportment and public persona may show a lack of decorum, there’s no denying that Cyrus is a talented artist. Though some have taken issue with this singer’s artistic choices, I feel Miley has quite a bit to offer.


Over the course of the next few years, it is likely that Cyrus will continue to make headlines. A number of mainstream music sites have taken interest in Miley’s new musical direction. If she is smart, Miley will ignore all naysayers and focus on pleasing her fans. By producing fun and original anthems for her generation, Cyrus has proven more resilient than most of the critics that have repeatedly sniped at her heels.


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