Nathaniel Ru: One Of The Innovative Thinkers Behind Sweetgreen

The article “sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru: Everything You Do Should Last Longer Than You” describes the process behind the creation of the fast casual, farm to table restaurant chain and the reasoning behind its innovative approach to its business plan. Ru and his associates pursued their idea to create a place where convenience, fun, and health food were easily accessible. Succeeding to convince a D.C. landlord to see past their inexperience to the merit in their idea led to the opening of the brand’s first store in downtown D.C. Sweetgreen has since grown to include 21 locations in all of the major northeast cities, California, Chicago, and several suburban towns.


But the intent of sweetgreen reaches beyond just a unique place to get a locally sourced salad. The business behind the brand is focused on creating an experience for customers that connects their desire to eat the food with a good reason to eat it at sweetgreen. Community outreach and commitment to staying true to its core values is the standard that sweetgreen hopes sets it apart in the minds of customers who they believe want to feel connected to the places they eat and shop at.


A graduate of Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru believes in service design and innovative locations. By going outside of areas over saturated by fast food joints Ru sets sweetgreen apart. He and his coowners continue the company’s free thinking approach by designing spaces that feel welcoming and interesting to visit. According to Ru even the open view into the kitchens that allows customers to see meals being prepared is by design; it fosters trust by transparency.


Ru also believes in ensuring the customer experience at sweetgreen is always consistent, so the brand’s commitment to giving consumers a personalized experience via the design and technology of each location is a priority. Meeting with farmers and local sources of ingredients is prioritized over meeting with landlords when considering new locations, says Ru, reasoning that knowing the area is capable of meeting the restaurant brand’s source standards is key to knowing if it has potential to be home to a sweetgreen. As the opportunities for this brand continue to grow and lines outside of locations continue to persist sweetgarden seems to be poised to continue to impress and excite consumers and investors alike thanks to the philosophy of Nathaniel Ru and the rest of the team behind sweetgreen.

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