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Either way, no two people will ever fully agree on everything, and that’s the entire point: Some like certain songs better with their original lyrics, while others would have every word removed. Others would even have certain lines or lyrics removed or added; there is no “right or wrong” in this sense, no “one size fits all” when it comes to concluded lyrical composition. “To each his own”, as they say.


1: In terms of leadership or what makes a good leader, there are many answers that would be appropriate. In Michel Terpin’s experience, a good leader is often mistaken for a great leader. The difference lies in the approach. A good leader is much like a great leader in that a good leader develops, educates, and elevates other people in their work. A good leader can be effective in many ways, but a great leader commands the respect and adoration of their followers not only by inspiring others through their words but through their actions, their demeanor, and their awareness of self.


3: Terpin’s strengths as a writer are in voice and style. His weaknesses are also often located in that vein. He’ll approach racing from a “no bullshit” standpoint and he writes what he feels is correct, ethical, and appropriate for readers to read. Truth hurts sometimes. In terms of workload, it would depend on the size of the orders you are requiring: He can produce 2,000-3,000 words a day.


Topics he is comfortable covering include History, Politics, Self-Help/Inspiration, Spirituality, Film/TV/Media and some areas of Business, like technology and sustainability. He is, surprisingly, a well-read jack of all trades and a lightning- quick researcher who can produce pieces that take even the most complicated material and make it digestible for all readers.


Michel Terpin‘s opinion of a great leader is someone who can stand and take the initiative everyone else fears. Being a great leader is an honorable, yet very detail-oriented position when it comes to preparation and embracing the inevitable. Often, people forget the burden of responsibility that comes with the title.


Wealth Solutions Helps Build a Prepared Future

The financial advisory firm Wealth Solutions is a Texas-based company that help the small business, family, or individual create a plan for retirement through smart investment options. Wealth Solutions also provides educational services so that clients can understand tax structures, plan an estate, and preserve valuable assets for the future.

Wealth Solutions offers retirement advisory services and management of assets throughout the process. Since many individuals rely on having income when retiring, Wealth Solutions specializes in this field and creates plans for investment while minimizing the risk involved. These conservative strategies find a balance between protecting assets and generating new source of post-career income. Though primarily serving Austin, Wealth Solutions helps clients understand dynamic financial plans in numerous parts of Texas.

The company also provides planning and services for one’s estate during their lifetime. Wealth Solutions offers numerous tools for the individuals to organize most aspects of an estate and effectively plan for distribution of wealth after passing. This includes the protection of assets and information on the digital platform, as well as understanding the federal and local guidelines related to estate tax. Wealth Solutions understands the new age of finances and is able to stay ahead of the curve regarding protection on any medium.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions currently acts as the head of this financial advisory firm. Based out of Austin, Texas, Mr. Blair has always held a desire to help others. This has naturally translated into his business as he is able to assist individuals, families, and even corporation in planning financial strategies and creating smart investments. The services of Richard Blair are grounded in education for the client, as well as personalized advice concerning numerous financial matters.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Richard Blair entered his career-defining field almost immediately after graduating from college. He started working in the industry of finance in 1993 and went on to create Wealth Solutions only one year later in 1994. Blair offers many services to clients through Wealth Solutions, but his specialty lies in the area of retirement. The planning provided by Richard Blair allows the individual to successfully find a sustainable source of income after leaving the workforce. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

Avaaz: A Popular Platform for Change

Popular news publication The Guardian consider Avaaz to be “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network“. That’s word for word how the organization is looked upon by the people who support it and benefit from it. Much like Facebook connects people through their location and network of family and friends, Avaaz has been bringing people together since 2007 through their shared interest in world issues like climate change, human rights, and animal rights.

If you have a passionate desire to help the world, Avaaz puts the world at your fingertips and helps you do so. As the site itself documents, there are over 45 million people just like you right now seeking to change the world and make it a better place. That number isn’t shabby by any standard.

Avaaz is just a platform. It’s the people and tools within the platform that makes change happen. One of the most popular tools that Avaaz has at its disposal are the many user-created petitions that let you pick a cause and then gather electronic signatures from around the world. With over 45 million people on the network, many of the petitions can generate a real buzz around a particular cause and serve as pressure on authorities to generate that change.

Everyone has something they’re passionate about, something they want to “get out there” and Avaaz is a great way to do so. Since 2007, millions of people have used Avaaz as a way to let their voice be heard on a number of social change issues. Change campaigns are available in 15 languages worldwide. As more people continue to discover this platform for change, there will be more of what Avaaz viewed as “people-powered politics” around the world. The platform currently powers politics in its own unique way online.

Their Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/avaaz