Richard Mishaan Design Establishes itself as a Top Designer

Richard Mishaan Design has stamped its authority in the world of interior decoration and design. A touch of class it displays can easily define the firm. The New York-headquartered company is responsible for handling interior works in some of the conspicuous architectures, including The Shelborne Hotel and Trump World Towers.


Who is Mishaan?


Born in Cartagena and raised in Bogota, Mishaan had an interesting childhood surrounded by the colorful Colombian cities. He has strived to incorporate his experiences as a child in his art and style to date. His focus on personalized style is instrumental in creating stunningly eclectic rooms, which are full of outstanding artwork and vibrant colors.


Mishaan is causing ripples in the arena of interior design. His artwork is stylish and extensive, mostly combining old designing tactics with new ones to come up with exotic finishes. Mishaan pursued a BA degree at the revered New York University. He improved his designing abilities by undertaking a professional course at the Columbia University School of Architecture.




Mishaan commenced his design profession at the New York-headquartered centers of operations of Philip Johnson as an apprentice. This position availed an opportunity for him to improve his mastery of interior design, architecture, and fashion. This unique combination merged with his Colombian origin has enabled this talented designer to earn a spot on the A list of leading designers across the globe. Richard Mishaan has been the first choice for many customers in need of a rich mixture of stylish designs, which exude sophistication. Mishaan’s maiden interior job was to design the interior of the presidential suite of the NYC-based Regis Hotel. He managed to design this suite to match with its class. After completing his first job successfully, Mishaan attracted many clients and enjoyed an impeccable career growth.

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