Roberto Santiago the Iconic Figure Behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil. He is known for owning the biggest mall in the state of Paraiba. It is also ranked among the biggest malls in the country. At his age, 58 years old, it is every ageing man or woman’s dream to have set up a successful business that will see generations behind them catered for. Today, Santiago is reaping the fruits of his hard work.

Santiago’s career began as a writer. With the expansive knowledge that he has about his country, he started a blog. He would write catchy articles that made him gain a lot of reputation. Other than writing, he also possesses some mad directing and production skills. He is also a serial entrepreneur who owns the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. But his biggest success lies in Manaira Shopping Center.

About Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was established in the year 1989. The mall is located in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. It is at the heart of downtown Joao Pessoa which makes it easily accessible to most people in the city. The mall is a one-stop shopping mall for all you entertainment, food, clothes, general shopping and art.

Manaira is the place that most urban dwellers in the state of Paraiba go to do their shopping, enjoy delicacies and have some fun. Encompassing movie theatres, bowling alleys, gardens, food courts, bars and restaurants. This mall is in fact so big that it can be said to be a small city. Besides, it is home to a college, banks and basically everything you need for everyday life.

The reason why so many people are fond of this mall is its entertainment hub. With 11 technologically advanced movie theatre, it offers promise of the-art-of-state entertainment. The movie theatres offer bar services and people get to enjoy snacks including popcorns, ice cream and candy. Other than this, people can choose to watch their favorite movies in 3D. Three of their movie theatre have this technology. Visit Exame to know more about Manaira.

The Domus Hall which is at the soul of this mall is where everything entertaining goes down. The hall is so big that it can accommodate up to 8,000 people. It is mostly used for exhibitions, cultural festivals and live concerts. This is the place to be if you need to learn more about the Brazilian culture.

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