Susan McGalla: Inspiring Woman Leader

It has been proven that the more diverse a business is, the more it outperforms less diverse businesses. Greater diversity brings more ideas to the table, and makes people more open to new opinions. This is why we need more women in executive roles for companies. Only a very small percentage of executive positions are held by women.

Countless women have a hard time getting to the top due to the sheer amount of male leaders. Susan McGalla learned how to fend for herself from a very young age. She wants people to treat her equal to men in the workplace, and this is why she knows how to climb to the top. Susan McGalla started working for American Eagle Outfitters and soon climbed through the ranks all the way to president of the company. She then became a major role in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL team. Lastly, she founded her own company.

There are plenty of groups working to help support women leaders. However, these groups still aren’t enough to make a big difference in the workplace because there aren’t enough women in the leading roles to help support women in lower ranks.

The solution to this endless struggle for women are sponsorships. If more executive men would support the lower ranked women then this wouldn’t be an issue, but the men don’t have the confidence in the women’s abilities to hold high positions. Sponsorships provide a proving ground for women in the workplace, so they can prove to the executive men that they are just as good as them if not better at the job.

Susan McGalla has been a huge inspiration towards women. Her support and promotion of the sponsorship groups helps thousands of women get to the top of their companies. McGalla helped tremendously to finally break the “glass barrier” in the women workplace. She hopes to change as much lives of women for the better as she can.

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