The Big Sean Album that People Have Been Waiting For

Big Sean is feeling all the highs of fame. He has been able to carve out a name for himself as one of the few Detroit rappers – aside from the wildly popular Eminem – that has had a lengthy career. This is what has made people appreciate the outlook that he has had on life. There are many people that are looking at the triumphant new album, “I Deserve”, as one of his very best. There is a lot of emotion that has been involved on this album, and Big Sean has shown that he has

grown a lot in recent years.


There is a level of commitment that Big Sean has had to working on different songs and providing different outlooks on life. He collaborated with Eminem for the “Halfway off the Balcony” song where he reflects on his life inside of the rap world. Sean also gives some accolades to his mentor Kanye West with his interesting autobiographical outlook on certain songs at times. On the Jimmy Fallon show Big Sean stated that the cover of this new album was very meaningful. There was two side by side imagines of a young man and an older man. What Big Sean explained was that this album was about messing up every chance you may have had in life but getting another chance to do it all over. He is channeling the spirit of an older and wiser self while is still young.


Big Sean has managed to gravitate away from the earlier stages in his career where he was more fascinated with clubs and parties. Now Sean is more focus on what he has been through in his rap career. He is trying to size the world up and make sense of the life that he now knows. This is quite a challenge for someone like Big Sean, but he masters the art of relaying his feeling through lyrics well. This is just a sign of his longevity and the way that he has been dedicated to stay on top of his game.


Most fans know that it was Kanye West who Big Sean free-styled for before he got signed. It is still obvious that the influence of Mr. West is being felt here.



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