The Bumble Dating App Experience Presented by Whitney Wolfe

The dating game can be a tricky one if you don’t know what type of app you’re going to use. There are a plethora of possibilities out there, and Whitney Wolfe is interested in getting more people to try the option that she has presented.

There are some people that are going to stick with other well-known apps that they know like Match or eHarmony. There are many millennials, however, that are going to gravitate towards what Whitney Wolfe has to offer because she is young. She has already had success with another dating app, and Bumble – her newest offering – has proven to be even more daring than her previous work in the dating app world.

People that want a different dating experience are going to find themselves taking interest in what Whitney Wolfe is presenting. She already knew what the dating app world was like, and her desire to change things is shown with what she has decided to bring forth. This app is different from others simply because it provides women with the ability to control the situation.


Anyone that knows anything about the background of Whitney Wolfe will see that she has put herself in the role of single women. She wanted to give them power, and this is all based on her previous work with her former dating app. In some ways she felt a loss of power in her own life, and she made a decision to make sure that women had the power this time around.

There is a lot of evidence that this Bumble app created by Whitney Wolfe will do well. Users appear to like the rule associated with the Bumble app and they are having fun with something that is different from other dating apps that are currently available.

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