The Weekend has Amazing Week

The Weeknd is riding high with his new “Starboy” album. The single could be something that a lot of people are impressed with because it has this strong dance vibe to it. This title track is also a song that shows a departure from the other whimsical music that the Weeknd has done in the past. With the help of Daft Punk, the Weeknd has become a force of nature that is blowing away the competition. It is the type of album that has managed to reach a long line of music lovers that are simply looking for some good vibes and mind numbing beats.


This has been the formula that has worked for the Weeknd over the years, and he has not drifted far from that formula. That is all part of the irony of his success right now. He was doing these types of songs for years with the same type of vibe, but people were not really paying much attention to what he was bringing to the table. It was as if people were overlooking an obvious talent that he had to move the crowd and affect women through his music.


The Weeknd has never hidden this talent. He has also never hidden his desire to party and get high. It is a meshed into his music like one big bowl of gumbo that is best served while hot. There is so much emotion in his voice, at times, it seems like he is channeling the moments that he is talking about in song. It is true that his emotions are playing a big part in the way that he presents himself.


People relate to him, and that is the reason that there is so much buzz his new project. He is not a man that is disconnected from his fans. To the contrary, he is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve, and his fans “cannot feel their faces, but they love it.” That is a phrase that he has made popular through social media, and this “Can’t Feel My Face” song was a stepping stone to his success. “Starboy” is apparently the new “Can’t Feel My Face.” This song is taking the album to the top.



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