Triggered To Greatness by a Humble Family Background: The Hussain Sajwani’s Experience

While there are some folks pointing accusing fingers at their humble family background for their unimpressive business attainment, some other fellows are turning the same challenges to launching pad for phenomenal achievements in business and private life. Hussain Sajwani falls into the later category. He was born into a Dubai middle class family of 7 – father, mother and 5 children. Hussain was the first born and was quick to realize the fact that his parents and younger ones will look up to him for support sooner or later. This made him cultivate the habit of putting in his best efforts in whatever his hands find doing. Often, he joined his father in a watch shop helping out with where necessary instead of teaming up with friends on an open field cracking jokes. He also had the habit of staying awake far into the night reading his books. He dreamed of picking a degree from one of the best Universities in the world. His persistence paid off when he graduated in 1981 from the University of Washington with a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering.


Young Hussain Sajwani was now well-equipped to achieve great things. His goal was to set up his own company although he had to spend a brief period working for others to acquired much needed experience and raise some capital. GASCO, a division of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company employed him as a Contracts Manager. He later left the company to start something of his own, a catering venture. With unflinching commitment and hard work, his new company started recording increasing growth to the point of becoming a major player in the industry. Aside hundreds of ongoing projects, the catering company had a record of serving well over 200,000 meals daily.


The same phenomenal success recorded with the catering outfit was replicated in other companies founded by Hussain Sajwani. For instance, his property developing company, DAMAC, is now one of the largest in the entire Middle East. Visitors to Dubai and other part of the Middle East prefer the five-star hotels owned and run by DAMAC Properties. Also, many outstanding properties in that region were developed by the company. At the moment, the company is gradually gaining root in other continents including Europe and North America. Even the current United States’ President, Donald Trump, had once being a client of DAMAC. The company developed a couple of golf courses for him in 2013. The DAMAC owner had since become a close friend to Trump.

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While many people know Hussain Sajwani as a successful business mogul, some preferred calling him an unrepentant philanthropist. The Hussain Sajwani family runs a number of charity foundations as a way of giving back to the society.

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